Powder coating is a multi-step finishing process in which dry, free-flowing, thermoplastic powder material is applied to a surface, melted, and hardened into an even coating.

At PCW, we sand blast in accordance to SSPC SP10 and Powder coat to standard IEEE C57.12.29.

Powder coating can provide both functional and decorative surface coatings in a wide range of colors, finishes, textures and is highly resistant to corrosion. There are many colours to chose from, click on the link: RALcolorchart.com

The final finish achieved by the powder material ranges from matte to glossy, and clear to glittered or metallic. Various textures are also available for decorative purposes or hiding surface imperfections.


Experienced, trained and knowledgeable company with over 15 years experience.

PCW services many business industries such as healthcare, transformers, hydro, mining, interior design and retail companies.

We can restore metal furniture, car rims, metal fixtures, etc., the options are endless as are our capabilities with our large 20 x 20 oven and rack hanging system.

Sand blasting service available to ensure adhesion of powder. We do customized powder coating specific to customer needs.

Quality checks are done at each step and paint quality is checked using a digital thickness gauge to ensure even and standardized paint application. All sandblasting and powder coating is done in-house.

We pickup and deliver, call for information.